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How I Got Rid of $25,000 Debt 2

How I Got Rid of $25,000 Debt

Debt FreeIt was 2 years ago that I was over my head in debt. That’s when I started this blog in my quest to get rid of  debt. Initially, I wasn’t off to a good start because the approach I first tried failed. That changed when months later I took a different direction.

Basically what I was trying to achieve is a blog where I could brainstorm and post what I was doing to reduce my debt that would also be helpful for others to reduce and get rid of debt too. I started by accepting donations on the site but that aspect didn’t work out and was scrapped because most of the people who were visiting my site were also in the same boat so hardly in a position to help anyone else out. And really when you think about … Read More

Are You Looking For A Millionaire To Pay Your Debt? 46

Are You Looking For A Millionaire To Pay Your Debt?

If you are looking for some rich person to pay off your debt, you are not alone as there are many who are in the same predicament looking for a way to instantly get rid of debt. The burden of debt and feeling of desperation makes you search for a quick way out, hoping someone will sympathize and help you out of your financial mess. But in reality the likelihood of some wealthy stranger giving away their money randomly to help someone out of a bad financial situation is slim.

When I first started this blog, I hoped that I could get enough donations to eliminate my debt.  I had come across someone who had credit card debt due to lavish spending and was asking for donations on her website. She did succeed in erasing her $20,000 debt mainly through … Read More

Don’t Be Fooled Making Money Online Is Not Easy 0

Don’t Be Fooled Making Money Online Is Not Easy

Isn’t that a change someone actually saying that it isn’t easy to make money online amongst the ones promising you that you can make money fast through the various get rich quick schemes that are only in place to take your hard-earned money.

If it was so easy, I should have already erased my debt and be on the road to riches which is not the case at all. It’s hard work and unless you get lucky, it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. Especially if you are new to the game and taken in all sorts of directions, you will get disappointed soon enough.

Sure there are people making money online but majority have done it through perseverance. They’ve learned the ropes, made mistakes along the way and then succeeded.

I started this blog as a means to pay my debt … Read More